Marcus Sheridan – They Ask You Answer

Whilst at the ‘Getting and Keeping Customers Convention’ hosted by the Entrepreneurs Circle, I was lucky enough to watch the incredible marketing guru Marcus Sheridan. The atmosphere that Marcus brought to the stage was incredible! The whole audience was so engaged and intrigued by what he had to offer, and everybody left seemingly inspired.

Although I have read ‘They Ask You Answer’ and watched one of Marcus’ recorded talks before, it was not until I saw Marcus at GKCC that his message fully sunk in.

The premise of Marcus’ argument is to answer everything that your customers want to know. Don’t try to deceive your customers by hiding your price. Consumer ignorance is not a marketing strategy. If somebody wants to know your prices, the wonderful world wide web can help them find them in seconds.

Listen to what your customers want. It is so important to read your customers reviews and use these as an aid to your business plan. Ask your customers what it is they value about you, and what it is that you could perhaps do better.

Marcus made his fortune by selling fibre glass pools in the US. However, Marcus did not follow the traditional marketing strategies that his competitors did. How was Marcus different? He was honest!

By looking at his website, you could see the top 5 best suppliers of fibreglass pools in his area. And guess what? His company was not a part of this. Marcus was clever with his marketing. If a consumer was to search ‘Best fibreglass pool suppliers in Virginia’, they would end up on his website. It did not matter that Marcus was reviewing and bigging up his competitors, as essentially, they were on his website! Again, it would take consumers a couple of seconds to find Marcus’ competitors, so he leveraged this by displaying them on his website. And it worked… Marcus made his fortune.

The premise of Marcus’ argument is that you must be willing to talk about what others will not. You must show what others will not and you must sell in a way that others will not. If you are serious about growing your business and making an impact in your chosen demographic, I would highly recommend reading ‘They Ask You Answer’.


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