Entrepreneurs Circle Liverpool

A new type of Networking and Business Growth Meeting

We’re very pleased that Jon is the Entrepreneurs Circle’s Local Ambassador for Liverpool, running meetings on a monthly basis.

These are a new type of Networking and Business Growth Meeting that are guaranteed to help your business grow.

These unique and very different events look set to become the highlight of the month, every month, for ambitious business owners in and around Liverpool.

There will be a chance to learn, a chance to link…and a chance to laugh. Yes – even accountants can have a bit of fun in a meeting!

Each meeting will include:

  • An introduction to everyone in the group
  • A chance to share successes
  • An update on a “Shiny Bright Thing” to make your business grow
  • A core topic to help you with your marketing and business growth
  • Quality networking with a group of ambitious business owners like you, to create a community that provides support and help

If you would like to come along, you do officially have to be a member of the Entrepreneurs Circle to attend the meetings.

But the great news is that the EC is currently offering a three-month bursary, ie a chance to try it out for no fee.

The reason they’re doing this is they know that many people can’t really picture the support it gives until they have tried it. And, therefore, anybody’s welcome to take a three-month bursary to see all the benefits, including the meetings.

If you’re not ready to commit to the bursary, that’s OK. As the Local Ambassador, Jon can invite you along to one meeting to take a look, with no obligations.

So, if you would like to come along, get in touch and we’ll book you on. We would love to see you there.