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Here’s another business growth tip from Jon Davies Accountants. In this video Jon looks at the three numbers that every business owner should track if they want a more successful business, and they’re not the usual numbers you’d expect an accountant to talk about! We are a firm of Chartered Accountants based in Liverpool.

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August 2021 –

The articles covered in this month’s issue are:

  • Stamp Duty threshold lowered until October
  • Costs increase as the furlough scheme winds down
  • Treasury seeks feedback on business rates
  • Thousands caught out by pension tax trap

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August 2021

COVID-19 was something that nobody could have foreseen.

Unfortunately, many businesses didn’t make it through the pandemic, forcing many companies to close their doors for good.

Whilst many organisations were struggling, there was an increase in hobby businesses. Many people who had been made redundant rose from the ashes and set up their own businesses.

If you are one of the 407,510 businesses set up in 2020 or you are thinking about setting a business up, you’ll want to read our latest guide to find out what you need to consider.

You can download the full article on this here – JDA-Active-Practice-2021-08-Starting-a-new-business-after-COVID-19

Nobody likes to think about what happens when they are gone, but you must have a plan in place to protect your estate.

With the soaring rise in house prices and many thresholds frozen until 2025/26, there are some things you must be aware of. If you have a good understanding of what you must consider it will allow you to be smart. Failure to do so could result in your estate falling foul of inheritance tax.

In our latest guide, we’ll highlight some areas to consider.

You can download the full article on this here – JDA-Active-Practice-2021-08-Take-charge-of-planning-your-estate

How do I choose a great accountant?

Many people ask us: “Are you the right accountant for us?”

Maybe we are, maybe we’re not. It’s the same for everything – people want and need different things. And this changes over time.

However, we believe that every business, no matter the size, deserves a great accountant that’s right for them. Right now, you are looking for an accountant and we’re conscious it’s really important that you get the right advice at the start.

Therefore, we thought it would be useful to put together this short guide to help you pick the right accountant.

If that accountant is us, great! If not, that is okay too.

The most important thing is that you find this guide useful and pick an accountant who can help you and your business reach your goals.

Download “How do I choose an accountant”

July 2021

What are the pros and cons of a company electric car?

Many individuals are making more conscious decisions when it comes to the environment. One way many people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint is by purchasing an electric car.

Some companies will offer their employee’s a company car. Company cars can be a great benefit, despite the potentially higher personal tax charge. With the pressure to be environmentally conscious, many companies who offer company cars to their employees, are providing electric cars as an option.

Employers offering such schemes will be aware of the benefit-in-kind tax rules and the tax impact. The impact is lower on the employee when they choose a lower emission car.

Is the shift to electric cars the way forward?

You can download the full article on this here –  JDA – Active Practice – 2021-07 – Pros and Cons of a Company Electric Car

What is the best tax planning for residential landlords?

Owning multiple properties as a residential landlord can be a lucrative way to make some extra money. Many first time landlords are unaware of the tax planning they should consider before proceeding, leading to some mistakes. With interest rates declining for residential landlords and a new two-year fixed-rate mortgage for buy-to-let properties, now may feel a good time to consider becoming a residential landlord.

But what tax planning should you consider to take advantage of low-interest rates?

You can download the full article on this here – JDA – Active Practice – 2021-07 – Tax Planning for residential landlords

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