All accountants are not the same!

We’re different to most Liverpool accountants. Find out what sets us apart and see if we’re the right accountants for you.

Many people think all accountants in Liverpool are boring. And, you know what? Many are! That’s a bit harsh but, more importantly, too many Liverpool accountants are still just doing the minimum legal requirements – a set of accounts and a tax return. There is a value in that – everyone needs to be compliant. But are they making your business and life better?

Find out more about how we can help you by watching our video, or read about it below.

Jon spent over a decade working in global accountancy firms. Hitting a deadline and getting the figures “correct” was a given. With Jon Davies Accountants, he wanted to do something extra.

Therefore, we like to understand our clients and what matters to you. We can then work together to achieve it.

We look forward, not backwards. That’s one of the problems with traditional accountants – everything is about looking at last year’s figures. We know that you want to look more at the present, and at the future, so that’s what we focus on.

We’re tech savvy – we use Cloud software to make your life easier and give you access to your numbers anywhere and anytime. And we’re doing our best to get rid of having paper records everywhere – these days you can take photos of your receipts and automatically upload them into our software.

We use lots of tools to give you far more relevant numbers than a legal set of accounts – for example, our management accounts can include your website data as our software speaks directly to Google. And we can present your figures in graphs and diagrams to make them easier to understand and to see the trends over time. When did you last see that in a set of accounts?

We also like to challenge the way things are done – in our business and in yours. For example, we’re always looking at new software and systems that help us do our job, and help your business too. We’ll challenge you too – we’ll sometimes ask tricky questions that will change the way you think about your business!

We also don’t want to ever, ever be thought of as stuffy and boring. We want you to look forward to coming to see us – it should be fun. (Well, almost!) We do believe that you’ll get a warm, friendly greeting and, after any meeting with us, you should leave feeling pleased that we’ve really helped you with your business.

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