Tax-Saving Diagnostic Report

Just how important is saving tax to you?

How important is saving tax to you?

Very important, you may say. But are you potentially taking money from your business in an inefficient way? “Yes” is the likely answer, as most businesses are unfortunately extracting money from their business without understanding the tax implications of their decisions.

Our job as an Accountant is to not only keep businesses compliant, but to also ensure that they are saving as much tax as legally possible. The right tax planning advice can lead to a prosperous and bright future for any business. Who doesn’t want that?

Unfortunately, most accountants say they are dedicated to supporting a business on their growth journey, but are they really?

In most cases, business owners feel there is a complete lack of transparency from accountants over what tax consultancy and advice is….and what you should be expecting.

Most business owners get the following tax services from their accountant:

  • Year-end accounts
  • Personal tax return
  • Calculation of salary and dividends, to make sure you get paid in the right way.

You may also receive specific tax advice as and when things arise.

This is OK, isn’t it? But, at Jon Davies Accountants we are dedicated to the growth of your business, so we want to accelerate your business further!

We have invested in the most comprehensive tax advisory tool by a country mile, and we’ve been amazed by the results we’ve seen already and thought we would let you in on the secret!

This tool will not only revolutionize your decisions around how you extract money from your business, but will also save you quite a lot of money!

Think of this as a personalised MRI for your business tax. You wouldn’t say no to an MRI or a Car MOT, so why should your business tax be any different?

If you’re interested in keeping more money in your back pocket, get in touch with us today on 0151 380 8080 or email us on ta*@jo******************.uk