We recently welcomed Liverpool John Moores University student, Sara Jones, to our team of Liverpool accountants. So, how did she get on and have we put her off accountancy for life?

“I am sat here desperately trying to sum up my whirlwind of 5 weeks into one measly A4 paper while trying to come up with a competitively humorous blog to that of a past employee named Patrick

I was told that his is the blog to beat. But alas my writing skills do not quite meet these requirements and I am afraid I will have to leave that to the pros of the world.

My journey at JDA started by me feeling highly motivated at the beginning of this semester leading me to apply to study at Oslo, work back in mid-wales every other weekend, try and get some accounting experience, and also maintain a high standard of work. I can tell you one thing, that this inspiration did not come free. Oh no – at a cost of sleep and an additional subscription to daily break downs I managed to achieve it all.

However, even though you may be thinking I am some kind of nutter, I am very glad I did it!

Within my first couple of weeks back at LJMU I attended a networking event. I signed up with the intentions of showing my face and leaving, but this did not happen. I managed to start talking to a lovely man who said he could aid me on my quest of getting some accounting experience! Who is this hero I hear you cry? His name is Leon McCowan and honestly, I owe him a lot, not just for getting me in contact with Jon but for also putting up with my persistent pestering and the influx of LinkedIn messages I sent him.

After a few messages exchanged with Jon and an informal interview, I was offered a 5-week placement and I was very excited. The night before and the fear kicked in, I was also feeling very out of my depth and worried that I would be caught out as an inexperienced, overly confident student and outed for this.

Luckily, this was not the case and from the start. I was greeted by friendly faces and a warm atmosphere, instantly I felt relaxed, still nervous but a bit more at ease. You may roll your eyes at this somewhat cliché line, but it really is true for the JDA team.

The 5 weeks flew by – I gained valuable experience through applying what I had learnt at university within the real world, I learnt how to use different accounting software and I was allowed to attend networking sessions.

I also developed a friendship with this group of bizarre but amazing characters –the friendship further developing at the Christmas party because nothing quite binds people together than alcohol and bad dancing.

Never have I met such an awesome team that really wanted to help me get as much out of this experience possible, they didn’t just shrug me off as a student who didn’t know anything, they aided me in growing as a student.

They are hilariously funny, extremely friendly all whilst being amongst some of the most interesting and intelligent people I have ever met. Watching each of them interact with their day to day jobs at different levels allowed me to have an inside perspective into my future, and honestly, I would be more than happy with it (we all have different dreams okay?).

I want to take this time to say a massive thank you to Jon and the rest of the team for taking me under their wing and not simply making me be their little coffee and photocopying slave for 5 weeks, it is truly appreciated! I am saddened to leave, but I will only look back on these 5 weeks with pleasant memories and will definitely keep in contact with them all (even if it is just to rub their faces that I am living it up in Oslo for 6 months!).

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