Louise and Serena headed to Manchester recently for the Xero 2023 Roadshow. They learned lots of new information surrounding Xero product updates and improvements in Xero Tax. The day started with an introduction from the CEO at Xero, where he discussed recent updates in Xero and how these are going to affect accountancy practices moving forwards. They also found it great to hear from other key speakers in Xero, building a face-to-face connection with the Xero community.

There was many discussions on what makes a high performing practice and case studies from other accountants who revealed their ‘top tips for helping your clients succeed’. They discussed how they are implementing Xero products into their business and what apps they are using to help increase efficiency for their clients. Louise and Serena found it great speaking with other accountants and seeing what softwares they are using, how they are helping their clients and how they are improving efficiency.

There was also an AI session held by Xero compliance, discussing its relevance and how it is becoming more prominent in accountancy practices. Xero also discussed some of the new product integrations they are launching for example If you raise an invoice in Xero, it will send automatically to the client/customer using cloud software and they can view it easily, cutting out many steps. They also discussed how soon you will be able to pay bills directly through Xero.

They both also really enjoyed the lunch put on by Xero at the event! Louise had salmon and potatoes in a white wine sauce, whilst Serena had a chickpea curry. In the breaks, they were able to visit the stalls and catch up with suppliers we use and may be interested in integrating with Xero and implementing into our business. Xero had an ‘Unlock the Code’ competition which Louise and Serena took part in, following the teddy bear trail and answering clues in order to receive a prize. (They managed to win a tape measure and two Xero badges!)

We found out that only 31% of all Xero users are using bank feeds while approximately 95% of our clients are. Also, only 37% of people are using Dext or equivalent to input purchases into xero and nearly all of our clients are doing that!

All in all, Louise and Serena had a great day at the Xero Roadshow, and picked up lots of useful tips and tricks that we can implement into our business, in order to aid our clients. If you would like any more information about Xero or its benefits, please get in touch.



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