What is the Entrepreneurs Circle?

The Entrepreneurs Circle is a great networking group which enables likeminded business owners to come together and share strategies, ideas, and advice in order to help each other’s business to grow. When you become a member of the EC, you gain access to a multitude of marketing resources in the vault, including LinkedIn Masterclasses, Facebook Ad Accelerator, The Getting and Keeping Customers Convention, along with access to each monthly meeting and a great support system from the EC team.

Joining JDA as a Marketing Assistant, I was really interested in the concept of the Entrepreneurs Circle and enjoyed searching through the multitude of resources available on the EC Vault. On Wednesday 20 July, I headed to my first Entrepreneurs Circle meeting with Jon and Megan. Jon hosts the EC local meeting for Liverpool once monthly in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Old Hall Street and this month’s theme was ‘How to craft your Category of One’.

There was a variety of different business owners at this month’s meeting, and it was lovely for Jon to see and get to know some new faces. It is amazing how entrepreneurs from such different professional backgrounds can come together and inspire each other to grow. From bakers to opticians, the range varies each month, and it was great to hear from each of the different businesses on how they each define their ‘Category of One’.

Every month, the EC has a ‘Bright Shiny Object’, something unique that be extremely beneficial to you and your business. This month’s object was very random, but very useful for some businesses – The Emojipedia. Emojis have been proven to boost engagement levels, click through rates and open rates. Therefore the large variety available on this site may be beneficial to your business.

What is a Category of One?

In the meeting, we discussed defining your ‘Category of One’ and identifying what makes your business different to your competitors. The three rules that ‘Category of One’ companies all follow are:

  • Know more about your customer than anyone else.
  • Get closer to your customers than anyone else.
  • Emotionally connect with your customers better than anyone else.


The key to becoming a ‘Category of One’ is to think outside the box and break the rules, don’t follow what your competitors are doing, follow your own direction and claim the space.

Understanding your customers is key and is important that you listen to them to understand why they use you.

Read your customers’ reviews and testimonials and define what pains you are soothing. What are the small things you do or can do that pull them closer?

To stand apart from your competitors you need to be memorable – be bold and be the first. Our client Treaty Pie had a great example of a social media campaign they created, in which, they ran around the city holding large inflatables and told their customers to come and find them. A complete risk, yet the campaign blew up on social media and generated a huge amount of exposure for the business.

I believe the Entrepreneurs Circle is a great resource for business owners as not only does it give access to an abundance of informational resources, but it also opens your network of connections and gives you a great opportunity to meet new potential customers and create alliances with other great, likeminded business owners.


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