In previous years, tax benefits for innovative companies were not widely known. However, moving forward these tax benefits like R&D, are much more widely understood.

Though these reliefs are now more known and used, it still does not mean people know how to use them to their full potential! If you have a good understanding of how they work and what the future may hold, it may help you get something extra back from the tax system!

In our latest guide, we’ll highlight some areas to consider.

You can download the full guide here

For more information, please see our latest guide. Our guide gives helpful guidance on:

  • The SME Scheme
  • RDEC
  • How does my company qualify for R&D tax credits?
  • What counts as R&D?
  • What expenditure can be included in a claim?
  • The future for R&D tax credits

You can download the full guide here

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