For the past couple of years, I’ve been blogging every week. I allow myself one week off each year over Christmas but, 51 times a year, I’m tapping away at my keyboard with business and tax tips.

Until the past month.

And why? Well, there’s been a lot of change going on. After 6 great years together, Mike and I decided to split up MJF Accountancy. It’s all amicable – we just want to do different things. We’ll still be going to the football and races together but we’re heading our separate ways in the accountancy world.

And so, Jon Davies Accountants was born on 1 August. Imaginative name, I know – but what do you expect of an accountant? I genuinely toyed with lots of names but a couple of clever people pointed out that sometimes the best answer is the obvious one.

So, what has changed?

Well, all three Client Managers from MJF have come with me – Louise, Chris and Sarah. So, in some ways it’s very familiar. However, the new firm is based on high-level service. The plan is for the three of them to have fewer clients to look after so they can spend more time understanding each client and finding ways to help.

We’re going to be focusing on services over and above what a normal accountant offers. Think of us like a Non-Executive Director to you and your business – a sounding board for you and your ideas and a source of wisdom, guidance and experience – all designed to improve your business and your profits.

That doesn’t mean we’ll ignore the accounts and tax – we’ll still be a safe pair of hands keeping Companies House and the taxman happy. We’ll just be offering lots more on top of that.

We also have a shiny new office with lots of nice meeting rooms……and a cafe preparing nice coffee. So please do come and visit us.

I’ll be back next week blogging as usual. I’ve had 6 weeks off so I need to get back into the habit!

See you soon