As a parent, it’s that time of year we all dread.

It’s the end of term and we have to think of presents to get for the teacher. This seems to be a modern thing – my mum and dad were teachers and I don’t remember them ever getting a present. Or perhaps they were just bad teachers?!?

Anyway, last week I read a survey where teachers were asked about the best and worst presents they’ve received as thank you gifts.

Some of the worst ones included a bag of potatoes, a half-drunk bottle of wine, and a stolen car radio.

But, do you know what came out top as the favourite gift? It was a simple card or note from the pupil just to say “Thank you.”

And it just got me thinking about how often we say “Thank you”. Thank you to our clients, thank you to our suppliers, or thank you to our team.

I do send out thank you cards and gifts now and then. Usually, it’s when someone has referred a client to me. But, to be honest, I probably don’t do it enough.

But I do know how much I appreciate it when one of my clients sends me one.

And, in business, it is all about relationships:

  • I know my clients could choose from hundreds of accountants. But they chose me.
  • I know some of my key referrers could send clients anywhere, but they chose me.
  • I know my team could work for anyone, but they chose me.

So, making them feel appreciated is a big deal. It strengthens the relationship, draws them closer, and makes them stay with you for a longer time.

When was the last time you thanked one of your customers, suppliers or colleagues? And what did you get for them?

[By the way, a bottle of wine will always be gratefully received by me!!!]



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