Turning ambition into achievement with Jamil Qureshi

During our weekend at GKCC, we heard from multiple inspirational speakers, from dragons (not literally) to Everest climbers to even the CEO of one of the most successful beer companies. However, one of the guests that resonated most with me was motivational speaker, Jamil Qureshi.

Jamil analysed how people are motivated by what they want to achieve, not by what they want to avoid. Entrepreneurs are motivated by the dreams they have, not the nightmares they want to avoid. Whether this be a dream car, a private jet, or even just substantial foundations for their family’s future. It is these things that inspire business owners, more so than the fear of making a loss or not breaking even. Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings which lead to negative actions. Allow the things you inspire to achieve to motivate you.

One of the key concepts that Jamil discussed was defining yourself by the value you create for other people. If you can provide a customer with something they cannot provide themselves, they will value you. Let’s say for example the service industry. If you are an accountant, a client appreciates the value that you bring to them and their business as they may not be able to do this themselves. Or a 7am train to London, the time and convenience of the train provides the consumer with value. If you can provide a consumer/client with something they need, they will value you.

Jamil also discussed the importance of taking responsibility for your actions. Your competition is not making more money because they are better. They are making more money because they are willing to do things that you are not. Opportunities are never lost; they are found by somebody else. The world is a reflection of how you see it. If you want to change the outer world, you must first change the inner world. If you want to make a 5-million-pound turnover, you must believe yourself that you can do this.

The subconscious mind never hears the words ‘can’t’ or ‘won’t’. Passion is a profit multiplier, use this to leverage your business.


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