We introduced the 4-day working week, with the aim of providing our team with a better work/life balance, and to boost productivity. The response to the change has been ‘life-changing’ according to Billie, one of our Senior Accountants, and has significantly increased job satisfaction across the team.

Why are we doing this?

At JDA, we are constantly evolving to change and are keen to retain the brilliant team members that we have currently and attract new members when the time is right. By implementing the 4-day week, we have provided our team with a better work/life balance and helped them to feel refreshed and more productive during work hours.

How does it work?

We found that we got very few requests from clients for meetings on a Friday, and very few phone calls. However, we often got asked for meetings at 8am and got a lot of phone calls before 9am that previously went to our call answering service. From this, we decided to introduce longer working hours Monday through to Thursday and then close the office on a Friday. We are now available to answer queries from our clients from 8am-6pm on these days.

The Response

Overall, we have found that productivity has increased significantly across the board, and we believe this is due to increased job satisfaction and overall morale. We caught up with some of the team to find out what they like best about the 4-day week.

“I love the 4-day week as it gives me an extra day in the week to relax and spend quality time with my dog, friends and family. It also enables me to be more productive during the work week as I am relaxed and refreshed.” – Taylor Graham / Senior Accountant

“I enjoy the 4-day week as the extra day off provides me with a better work/life balance, and allows me to fully enjoy my weekend!” – Billie Arnold / Senior Accountant

“I like the 4-day working week as it allows me to feel fully refreshed for the working week!” – Megan Fenney / Office Supervisor

“I love the 4-day week as it enables me to be more productive during the week as I am totally refreshed and relaxed from my 3-day weekend!” –  Fern Robinson – Marketing Executive

Comments from ‘The Boss’

“My aim was to provide my team with a better work-life balance, and ensure they feel relaxed and refreshed when coming back to work on a Monday. This could only work if productivity remained consistent and output was not affected. Since implementing the 4-day week, productivity has increased significantly, and the team seems genuinely happier whilst working.” – Jon Davies – The Boss

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