Whether you are an employee or an employer, you must learn all about the new changes that are going to be made with regards to the termination of a contract.

It’s not a whole new system that needs to be learnt, there are simply just a few details that have been altered with hopes of making things just that little bit easier for you.

This months Active Practice goes through:

  • Whether payments made on termination may be taxed, either as earnings or as termination payments.
  • The New Rules – New Approach
  • New – Post-employment notice pay
  • Determining the tax payments
  • o   Rule 1
  • o   Rule 2
  • £30,00 Threshold
  • Class 1 A National Insurance
  • Planning ahead

If you need further explanation with anything we can of course help you and go into greater detail, but first of all take a look at our latest Practice Update to find out more. You can download it here:

 JDA – Active Practice – 2018-02 – Termination Payments

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