Just before Christmas, we met a potential client who was doing his own self-assessment tax return but struggling to get on the HMRC website, let alone fill in the form. He is now using us and can relax and focus on the things he really wants to do this month.

So, with the 31 January deadline fast approaching, here are the three main reasons to let us do the work for you:

  • Save time – why spend hours trying to log on and fill in a form that seems alien to you? Wouldn’t you rather be doing your normal work or taking some time off to enjoy yourself for the evening/weekend? Save your time and use ours!
  • Save money – some people see the accountancy fee as an unnecessary cost, but we see it as an investment. Do you know all of the tax reliefs available to you to so that you can reduce your tax bill to the smallest amount possible? We do. That’s our job and we are experts at it. In many cases, the savings we have made for our clients have been larger than our fee, so why not see how much we can knock off your tax bill?
  • Save worrying – if you do the tax return yourself, are you really, really sure you’ve done it correctly? Are you sure that HMRC won’t find a mistake and ask you to do it again? And are you sure that the bill really is correct? If you use us, we can take all of this stress away.

So there are three great reasons to come and speak to us. On top of that, you will also have us on hand in future for any queries during the year.

You wouldn’t try to fly a plane yourself, or perform a medical operation, or even cook your own meal in a restaurant – you ask an expert to do it for you. So why not do the same for your tax return?

Get in touch with our team of Liverpool accountants and we can save you time, money and stress!

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