As a payroll agency, we received emails yesterday from HMRC with an update on the process to reclaim the cash for furloughed staff through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. 

To make us feel really important and superior to ordinary mortals, they even said that the news will “be made public shortly”.

And it’s good news – the date that the online portal will go live for claims has been brought forward from May to an expected date of 20 April! That cuts down the gap between paying your furloughed team members and getting the money from the Government.

If we prepare your payroll for you, we will take care of this for you. You can put your feet up for the moment, ignore the rest of this article and press “delete”.

You also don’t need to read the rest of this article if you have not furloughed any employees.

But, if you have furloughed staff and do your own payroll, here are the details.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – Claiming 80% of Furloughed Pay

You will be able to claim funding from the Government using a new portal if you have furloughed any of your employees. Although we have not yet been given full guidance from HMRC, it appears that the funding will need to be claimed through the government gateway service for employers.

You will, therefore, need to make sure you have access to your PAYE online account.

In order to make sure that you can claim as soon as possible when the portal opens on 20 April, please take the following action now as it takes 7 days or longer under normal circumstances to obtain Gateway Access.

If you already have a government gateway account, please log in to make sure it works, and your password is correct or is renewed.

Then ensure that PAYE Online for Employers is listed as a service that you can use. If it is not, please follow the instructions to add it. You will need your PAYE reference number and accounts office reference number to hand when you do.

If you do not have a government gateway account already, please visit to do so. An activation code will need to be posted to you which is why we suggest you DO THIS NOW! And check the address it will be sent to if you’re working remotely.

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