Since its national pie week this week, we asked the team at JDA HQ what their first-choice pie preference was, as our team of accountants love nothing more than tucking into a pie while submitting our client’s tax returns. Read on to find out.… 

Jon: “Steak & kidney pie as it was a massive treat from the chippy when I was a kid”. 

Louise: “Beef Wellington… if that counts as a pie”. 

Emily B: “I am not a fan of pies – I am just the annoying person that likes to eat all of the pastry”. 

Emily H: “Steak, port and stilton pie from the old mill pub in Kent”.  

Claire: “My favourite is apple pie. My gran used to make them for us when we were kids, we loved going to her house.” 

Amy: “Steak and Ale pie with a puff pastry on the top with peas on the side –  you can’t beat good pub grub!” 

Billie: “My favourite has to be Steak and Ale pie – just a classic!” 

Carrie: I love steak and stilton pie… a comfort food – reminds me of a pub I used to go to as a child”.  

So, overall, a very different variety of the team’s favourite pie selections. Who’d have thought Claire would have gone sweet?!? And nobody went for a pasty – obviously still upset at George Osborne over the pasty tax!

If you are due to visit us this week, you can be certain that you’ll be asked what your favourite pie is. You never know – you may even find a spare steak pie up for grabs. Well… if our team doesn’t get there first!