Welcome to our Year-End Tax Guide for 2022.

Throughout 2021/22, COVID-19 has continued to dominate. Millions of employees and directors on payroll were furloughed, and the self-employed continued to rely on grants available via the income support schemes.

Arranging your financial affairs as tax-efficiently as possible before the start of the new tax year on 6 April 2022 is arguably more important than ever – particularly with rising inflation expected to put household finances under even more pressure in 2022/23.

Ask yourself – have you maximised all of your tax-free allowances? And have you claimed all reliefs available?

This guide will help you to answer these questions and more, with summaries of the tax rates, allowances and reliefs that apply to businesses and individuals for the remainder of 2021/22.

Each section comes with a set of planning points, too, which you can use as a checklist to ensure you consider all of the key areas.

In the Year-End Tax Guide, we’ll cover:

  • Personal allowances and Reliefs
  • ISAs
  • Pension Contributions
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Property Taxes
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Business Asset Disposal Relief
  • Non-domiciled tax
  • Tax-Efficient Staff Benefits
  • Corporation Tax
  • VAT
  • Penalties

You can download our guide here:

JDA – Year-End Tax Guide 2022 – WEB


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