Last week, I put my back out. It was really, really painful but, in some ways, what hurt me more was that, for the first time in 10 months, I didn’t do my 10,000 steps in a day.
And it’s actually only the second time since I got my Fitbit well over two years ago. The other was due to a family medical emergency last June.
When I got the Fitbit, I promised myself I would do the 10,000 steps every day. Nobody actually pays any attention to it apart from me. But it matters to me. A lot. 
Louise laughs at me sometimes, for example when I’ve gone out at 11 pm in the pouring rain because I’ve not quite got my 10,000. But I do it.
I’m not really sure why I’m quite so fixated on it. I go running most mornings and did so well before the Fitbit entered my life. But I no longer allow myself a lazy day.
However, last Sunday I could barely move and 10 steps was a struggle, let alone 10,000.
But how do you keep a commitment to yourself? I can’t really say on this one – I just do it. Really, the thought of not doing it drives me mad.
And it’s the same in business. I have a business coach to keep me on track but the most important commitments are to myself. 
One of them is actually writing this newsletter every week. There’s only once in the last two years, excluding the Christmas holidays, where I’ve actually missed this weekly newsletter at 10.30am every Thursday morning.

The one I did miss was earlier this year. I could blame it on a technical glitch, but it was my fault. I wrote it the day before but pressed the wrong button when scheduling the date for it to go out. I then didn’t realise until a few days later that it hadn’t gone. It was written. It was ready to go. I just pressed the wrong button. It was still my fault, though, and I do kick myself for it.

So what commitments do you make to yourself? And how do you maintain self-discipline?

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