I spent most of last week at XeroCon. Now, a conference about accounting software might not sound like a thrilling trip, but it was actually really useful with loads of tips for the software…and for business.

One of the best sessions was with Sir Chris Hoy, who is Great Britain’s joint most successful Olympian with 6 Gold Medals. He spoke at length about how he became successful but, at its simplest, it came down to three things:

1 – Aim High

When he was a mediocre cyclist at a local club, all of the team were asked to set their 1-year, 4-year and Ultimate Goals. Everyone else came up with nice, achievable targets. Chris said he wanted to be Olympic Champion in 2004.

2 – Have a plan to get there

Once he’d set the goal, he needed to work out how to get there. So, along with his coaches, he set a plan and broke it down into a step-by-step process. He could then do one thing at a time to get there.

3 – Focus on the process

Chris had to follow that plan and focus on one thing at a time. He also had to learn to focus solely on what he could control. There’s no use worrying about anything else. If a competitor broke a world record, he had to put it out of his mind and do his thing – before he rode in the 2004 Olympic time trial, three riders in a row broke the Olympic Record. Chris just concentrated on his own routine…..and beat them all.

Chris summarised by saying that, if you put all three together, you can achieve more than you can imagine – in sport or in business.



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