I kicked off my journey at JDA with a placement in July 2022 and, after wrapping that up, I was thrilled to stay on board and step into the role of Marketing Executive by July 2023. These past couple of years have been nothing short of amazing for me as a marketing student, and I’m incredibly thankful for all the doors that have opened for me along the way.
Diving into the role of Marketing Executive has been a fantastic way to bring the theories I learned in university to life, and I’ve loved leading all the campaigns for JDA. It’s been such a rewarding experience, and I’m so appreciative of the chance to grow my skills in such a hands-on way.
A standout moment for me at JDA was definitely getting to attend the National Entrepreneurs Convention in both 2022 and 2023. Listening to awe-inspiring figures in the business world, like Sarah Willingham, Sara Davies, and Dave Fishwick, was a dream come true. These conventions were golden opportunities for me to meet a diverse group of entrepreneurs and significantly broaden my marketing insights.
I also had a blast co-hosting the Entrepreneurs Circle local meetings in Liverpool, where I got to meet and network with entrepreneurs from all over the city. Learning about their businesses and assisting with marketing questions was really rewarding.
The team at JDA has been like a second family to me, and I have made some friends for life, who I am going to miss working with every day. A huge thank you to Jon for providing me with so many opportunities and for being such a great boss!
Now, it’s time for me to focus in on my final university assignments and give them my all!



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