As we continue to grow, so does the scale of our day to day operations and the attention we must pay to things outside of Accounting.

This week we have welcomed Dylon Thomas to the team as our Marketing Intern for the next 6 months. We decided to have a catch up with him so that he could tell you a little bit more about himself and what he expects from his time at JDA.

When I heard back from the Careers Studio at the University of Liverpool that Jon had been in contact to offer me an interview for the role, I did everything that you would expect. Instantly, I was researching the firm and the journey that the team and Jon had shared, digging through JDA’s website, social media and practically anything I could get my hands and eyes on!

It quickly came apparent that a large emphasis was placed upon not only being a forward-thinking and technological driven accountancy practice, but also on the team behind the numbers. As a marketing student for the last two and a half years, this resonated deeply with me.

When I finally arrived for my interview with Jon I was greeted by the ever-smiley Rachael who (I don’t know how) calmed my ‘pre-match’ nerves without me even noticing. This first impression of the company has only grown with time, with everyone at JDA welcoming me with open arms during my first week.

My time studying abroad in Copenhagen last summer has only further my desire to pursue a career in marketing. Integrating with people from all walks of life who are several years into their career and constantly looking to improve themselves has shown me that hard work and dedication can take you anywhere in life.

So, I’d like to thank Jon and the team for having the patience and putting up with me while I look to take my studies into real life practice.