It’s hard to miss the fact that it’s Eurovision this week. Now, I’ll admit I’ve struggled to summon much enthusiasm since the days of Bucks Fizz but, for the rest of the Davies family, this is like Christmas.

Beth, my eldest daughter, is a fully paid-up member of the fan club and gives a countdown all year until the next contest. Add the fact that it’s in Liverpool, and the excitement levels have definitely upped a notch in our household.

Anna, my other daughter, spent Sunday at the Eurovision village in town and Louise took them to the Semi-Final dress rehearsal last night – described as “the best day of my life” by one of them! (For Louise, I’m sure that accolade still belongs to our wedding day.)

But, of course, as a business owner I’m morally (and perhaps legally) obliged to write a little newsletter about the business lessons learned from Eurovision.

And it got me thinking about the brand. Because, ultimately, Eurovision has a very strong brand. The word instantly conjures up certain words and thoughts to all of us.

The miserable folk like me might think “cheesy and rubbish” but, for most, it would be “inclusive, diverse and fun”. And, to be fair, I would agree!

Nobody is actually expecting the greatest songs ever. But everybody knows that those taking part will be giving it everything in representing their country. But, most of all, they will be having fun and supporting the other contestants.

So, what is your brand? What do people think when they see or hear the name of your business?

Is it quality? Is it reliable? Is it fun?

There’s no right or wrong here, but we should all know what we stand for and what we project to the outside world, including our current and potential customers.

Eurovision’s brands of fun, diversity and inclusivity has made it incredibly popular. You should see the thousands of people streaming into Liverpool this week to watch it and be part of it!

So, what does that make you think about what you project as your brand? You get to choose, so start Making Your Mind Up! And then make sure it’s reflected in everything you do.

And, by the way, the girls’ favourite for the win this week is Austria and their Edgar Allan Poe song.

However, Anna’s votes will all be going to San Marino. Perhaps not a big hit with the voters, but she met them in town the other day and said they’re a “lovely bunch of lads”, which is surely what it’s all about.

See you next week

PS I do enjoy the voting bit of the show.