Let’s face it – 2021 didn’t get off to the greatest start. We had the first impacts of Brexit causing delays, custom charges, and lots of extra admin. And then, of course, the new lockdown kicked in.

But, overall, spring has now sprung and people are feeling a lot more positive. I’m writing this on 1 March, looking out at a gorgeous sunny day with clear skies. And I’m not just feeling happy because it’s Saint David’s day and Wales have just beaten England at the rugby. No – I think most people are feeling a lot more positive because we now have a road map out of this situation.

During 2020, there was lots of uncertainty. Lockdown started for a 2-week period but was then extended and extended. Lockdown then stopped and started again, and we went from one tier to another.

Nobody knew what was going on and we couldn’t plan. And that’s one of the things we all hate as human beings. We hate uncertainty – we crave certainty.

And, even though many of us think that the actual dates might change a little bit, having a roadmap back to normality starts to give certainty. And that makes us all feel more positive.

I was at a (virtual) event last year and Rory Sutherland, the CEO of one of the world’s largest advertisers, talked about certainty and its effect on the human psyche.

He said that one of the reasons that Uber is so successful is because we can look on the app and we can see where our cab is. London Underground found that one of the biggest improvements in customer satisfaction was not through having quicker trains or more trains running on time – it was by introducing the scoreboards that actually told you the time each train will arrive.

At an airport, people are far happier being told in advance that a plane is delayed for 60 minutes, than if it’s delayed for only 30 minutes but they’re not informed.

And certainty is really important for all of our businesses. If somebody is choosing to buy your service or product, one of the things they crave is certainty. It’s why the big chains are so successful. Most people who are away from home and want a coffee will go into a Starbucks or Costa instead of trying an independent coffee shop. Why? Because they know exactly what they’ll get. There’s no risk.

And I think that is an important lesson for businesses – your potential and current customers do crave certainty. You need to make them certain you’ll deliver for them…every time.

So, what certainty can I give you? Well, we’ve had a little break from the printed newsletter last year, partly because we weren’t sure where to send them during lockdown!

But this year I can give you certainty that the newsletter is back, and we’ll continue to keep you up to date with everything you need to know to keep your business on track financially. We’ll have the written newsletter, our weekly email newsletters and blogs, and our YouTube videos.

And, of course, if you’d just like a chat about the specifics for your business, please do get in touch.

For the moment, I’m certain you’ll enjoy this edition of Accelerator!


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