It’s All Kicking-Off – World Cup 2022

It all feels a little odd with a World Cup kicking off in November, but it is indeed happening this weekend. And, for the first time in my lifetime, I can genuinely say “I’ll be watching Wales in a World Cup”. Perhaps even “I’ll be watching Wales win a World Cup”, but perhaps that’s stretching it!

Either way, I’m off to Qatar at the weekend for Wales’s first game – we kick off against USA on Monday and my brothers and I will indeed be there.

Aside from a month of football, we’ve been asking at JDA Towers whether there are any lessons that business owners can learn from the World Cup. And there are. So, here are our top five:

  • Are you a Manager or a Coach? There’s been a change in football management in the past few years – for years the Manager was an autocratic figure, but these days Managers have become coaches, working with team members to identify strengths and fix weaknesses. As a business owner, you need to coach your team members to help get your business to where you want to be.
  • Vision and strategy – if you’re going to coach them to get where you want to be, you need to know where that is! Football managers might have a style of play, but you’ll have a way of doing things in your business. And a goal for the business as a whole. If you don’t have these, where are you headed?
  • It’s no good complaining – There will always be bad refereeing decisions, even with VAR, but you can’t change them. You just need to get on with it. It’s the same in business – you can moan about things that are outside your control (the Government, Brexit, Ukraine, your competitors, etc) but you need to take full responsibility for your business. Everyone has some doses of bad luck. It’s how you deal with it that decides whether you’re successful or not.
  • It’s not over until it’s over – Perseverance is key for footballers and business owners. I was in Istanbul to see Liverpool come from 3 goals down to win the European Cup and at Anfield when they came back from a 3-0 first leg deficit against Barcelona in 2019. It will be the same in the World Cup – you can’t give in if you want your team, or your business, to be successful.
  • It’s the final result that matters – You probably remember who won the last World Cup – France. But do you remember their 0-0 draw with Denmark in the group stages? We all make mistakes in our businesses on the way, but it’s how we react and learn from these that will lead to the end result. And it’s the end result that matters.

So, in between scouring the shelves at Tesco for a beer to represent each country, trying to fill my Panini World Cup sticker album, and actually watching the matches, I’ll also be looking out for more business lessons in the World Cup.

If you have any of your own, please let me know

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