I have now been here at JDA for around six weeks, and it is certainly been eventful, so I have taken some time to reflect on everything I have accomplished so far.

As I mentioned in my welcome blog, I have always been interested in the field of marketing. To study something is one thing, and now that I am close to graduation, I can say I have had a great time at the University of Liverpool, learning and experiencing so much. But, going out in the world and practicing something is an entirely different entity.

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When I had been on some shadowing days around Liverpool, I had got a sense that when I would leave university and step out into the world of work that the change would be massive. I had been working part-time since I was old enough to do so, but never in something I was passionate about and wanted to succeed in.

So, when I saw the job advertisement for the marketing intern position at JDA, I was instantly drawn to it. The level of responsibility and hands-on learning opportunities were too good to simply pass up. I knew that this position would help get me ready for graduation, and as I mentioned in my first ever blog, Jon and the teams friendly and supportive nature helped me settle in straight away. No-one could have predicted what would happen in my first month, and I’d like to share my experience.

Although I have only been here for a short while, Jon has already given me a lot to do and helped me build upon my existing marketing knowledge. But I’d imagine these experiences will have changed considering the coronavirus crisis and everything that it entails.

These are just some of the things I have gotten up to so far:

  • Attended the Entrepreneurs Circle virtual Operation Protect event
  • Written and uploaded blogs for the JDA website and knowledge centre
  • Helped produce JDA’s Coronavirus Pandemic Protection Plan
  • Google AdWords management
  • Developed marketing strategy during Coronavirus crisis
  • Managed the companies YouTube account

One highlight for me was attending the Entrepreneur Circle’s virtual Operation Protect event and listening to key speakers such as Marcus Sheridan. This was such a good opportunity, as I’d never been to something like it before. It was focused on helping businesses survive throughout the coronavirus crisis and was a massive help when creating some ideas that could be used to help clients during such an unprecedented time.

I was particularly interested in Marcus Sheridan’s book ‘They Ask You Answer’, which before I knew it, was sent to my home by Jon. Now, of course I have read a lot of articles and books on my subject through university. But, to be honest, this has to be the most beneficial – it’s not full of some theory from 50 years ago – and while these can be useful – this is more along the lines of the practical experience I was talking about. I can now feel myself taking ideas from the book each time I read it and applying it to my own marketing philosophies.

Following one of our morning meetings over Microsoft Teams (remote workers rejoice), Jon gave me a really interesting Google AdWords task. I’d really been looking forward to being involved with this kind of stuff, as I know it’s such a valuable skill to a marketer. Even just hearing about Jon’s own experiences with such systems is helpful, because as a fresh graduate, exposure to these kinds of things is limited.

It’s been difficult settling into home working, particularly when you are new to working in office settings, and sometimes I do miss getting offered the odd cup of tea, and I think everyone in my house is getting tired of me talking about furlough. Hopefully, we will all soon be back at JDA towers and working away.

But for now, I would like to thank everyone at JDA for their help and kindness towards me, and I cannot wait for the next few months.

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