“I didn’t have enough time.” It’s the most common excuse everyone gives for not getting stuff done. If you had more time, I’m sure your business would be more successful.

But we all have the same amount of time. We all have the same 60 seconds in every minute, the same 60 minutes in every hour, and the same 24 hours in every day.

The key thing is: how do you use that time?

If you want to have a really successful business, making £100 or £1000 an hour, you can’t be doing the £10 per hour tasks.

If you want a successful business, you can’t be wasting your time. That means doing the admin, your invoices, your quotes, answering the phone, the cleaning, monitoring your social media, etc, etc.

You can pay someone to do those tasks to free you up to do the really important things in your business. Those important things like going out and getting new customers. And then doing everything you can to keep them.

But, if you haven’t got any staff to do those admin tasks, how do you get them done? Well, one option is to outsource them. There are a lot of places where you can get people to do these tasks for you. For example, you can go online and use places like Upwork or People Per Hour. You can put tasks or projects on these sites and people bid to do them for you.

Or you could hire someone, especially in the Philippines where you can get some brilliant people who speak brilliant English to do lots of these tasks for you. You can pay an amount that, to us, is a very cheap wage but, to them, is a great salary. A good site for this is Onlinejobs ph.

Or, you get yourself an apprentice. Get someone in that can be quite cheap, keen and train them up. And they could be absolutely vital to your business going forward and take loads of these tasks off you.

If you don’t trust other people to do the tasks as well as you, make sure you’ve got systems in place. Get clear written systems that people can follow. You can do this online at SweetProcess, which allows you to document your systems so anybody, anywhere in the world, can do them to the quality you need and want.

And, if you do these things, you can free up your time so you are no longer doing the admin. So you are not preparing the quotes. Or answering the phone. Or doing the cleaning.

Instead, you can get on doing the really important stuff that gets you and your business where you want to be. And you get more time to spend doing the things you enjoy doing.

I hope that’s useful. If you’re wondering, I do write these tips myself…….but I don’t type them. Instead, I dictate them into Rev.com and get them typed up for me. It costs the princely sum of $1 for each minute of speech. It saves time!!!

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