For many savers, retirement can seem like a far-off or even unattainable goal. But to maximise your chances of retiring comfortably, early planning is essential. Recent research from Canada Life shows that a worrying number of UK adults are not planning for this key milestone, with 45% of over 55s saying their retirement plans are not detailed, and 19% saying they have no plans in place at all.

As the cost-of-living crisis puts pressure on day-to-day finances, it’s a difficult time to think about saving for the future. But these challenges make it all the more important to carefully consider your finances and plan for the long term.

In our latest guide, we’ll highlight some areas to consider.

You can download the full guide here

For more information, please see our latest guide. Our guide gives helpful guidance on:

  • Assessing your saving goals
  • Understanding your pension
  • Assessing your saving options
  • Withdrawing from your pension

You can download the full guide here


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