A vast majority of businesses are now using social media platforms to leverage themselves. But how do they do this effectively? Continue reading to learn how professional businesses vs retail businesses can use social media advantageously.

LinkedIn in such a powerful service for professional service businesses to connect and network with other business owners. Having a presence on LinkedIn is not only important for business owners, but also for staff as this shows the team’s commitment to the company’s success.

Engaging in CSR is a great way to boost your brand image whilst also generating great content for social media. Good ethics is good business and showing that you don’t only care about sales will place you higher in your customers estimations. Host a bake sale, conduct a sponsored silence in the office, worst t-shirt day. All these ideas are great for fundraising whilst also creating fun, engaging content for your social media platforms.


Arguably, it is much easier for retail businesses to effectively use and benefit from social media platforms.

Giveaways is a brilliant way for retail businesses to gain exposure and drive more traffic to their social media pages. The giveaway prizes don’t necessarily have to be large, sometimes people genuinely just like the feeling of winning something, no matter what the prize is. By ensuring the entrants like, comment and repost the giveaway on their stories/feed, your brand will gain more visibility and in terms of SEO, the more likes, and comments the post receives, the more it will be seen.

Paid promotions are also a great way for retail businesses to grow their customer base. Linking back to the theory of consumer psychology, if consumers see an influencer they admire using your product, they themselves are more likely to desire to own this product in order to fulfil self-actualisation. However, it is important efficient research is conducted in order to attract the correct customer base.

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