How can a small business use social media effectively?

Sometimes small businesses restrict themselves when it comes to social media and question: who cares? Who wants to see my content? Who cares what my staff are up to? Let me tell you… somebody does!

When analysing the trends and behaviours of millennial consumers, it is almost certain that, before purchasing from a business, they will check out the brands social media pages. Take it from a millennial, I do this!

Social media is not always about how many likes or shares your post gets or how many followers you have- it is about having that presence there and generating more exposure for your brand.

Top tips on how to enhance your social media:

  • Be personal – People are nosey and, despite what you may think, consumers really do want to know what is going on in your business. Post pictures of your team, show people what you get up to in your spare time, post staff nights out, have a laugh. People connect with people, not companies.


  • Use relevant hashtags – see what is trending and use this to leverage your business.


  • Post at specific times – use analytics to see what time your followers are most active and ensure to post at these times. Metaplanner is a great scheduling and analytic tool.


  • Take risks – don’t be afraid to post something because you are unsure of the response. If you are more than 70% certain, go for it!


  • In terms of B2B, support other businesses and show that you care. Like, follow and repost. Social media is basically online networking!


  • If you are going to invest in paid campaigns, do your research and ensure you are spending money on the correct audience.


  • Create infographics – apps such as Canva are great for generating eye catching posts.


  • Be consistent – don’t abandon your social media!


  • Giveaways – Giveaways are a great way to generate more traffic to your page. Although they may not be suitable for every business, they can be beneficial to retail businesses.


Although some businesses may receive more attention from their social media platforms than others, building up a presence is still important. Take a look at the social media platforms of other businesses in your sector for some inspiration. But remember, don’t follow the pack!

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