The economy is wobbling, we all know that. The Bank of England has predicted that the UK will enter a recession before the end of 2022, and of course, this causes a lot of worry for business owners.

Whether your business is small or large and your profits are high or low, the likelihood is that you will be affected in some way by this economic situation. Energy prices are soaring, inflation is spiralling and the chances of people losing their jobs is going to be high. However, as a business owner, how do you react to this and what are the best ways to prepare?

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give is to adapt. Don’t bury your head in the sand and hope that your problems will disappear. Be strong, be brave and face your problems head on. If you know something is going to be an issue, face it.

Consider how you can adapt your current strategies to prevent or limit these problems. What can you do differently to ensure that your business is going to survive through this difficult period? How can you differentiate your strategies to those of your competitors, and find opportunities where others would find threats?

Planning is key. What can you do now that could prohibit issues arising in the next couple of months? Don’t sit around and wait for the storm to arrive, ensure you are ready and prepared to face it.

We know this period is going to be difficult for many business owners. That is inevitable. However, it is your response and your actions that will predict your outcome.


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