We held our latest Entrepreneurs Club event last week and, if you missed it, we have good news – you can watch the highlights below.

Our guest speaker was Michelle Squire, who heads the coaching programme at the Entrepreneurs Circle. Michelle gave a brilliant talk on the 3 Quick Wins to Grow Your Business……That Won’t Cost You a Penny.

Without giving away all of the great strategies, the headline wins were:

  1. Follow-Up
  2. Reviews
  3. Video Emails

Having spoken to a number of attendees, I know that a lot of the strategies are being implemented this week. and the video emails were a particular hit!

You can watch Michelle’s session below.

Michelle also made an offer at the end of the session – the Entrepreneurs Circle are offering a bursary to small businesses that provides 2 months of membership for free.


Having been a member for 8 years and used many of the tools to grow my business, I can recommend taking a look. 

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