Fiscal Statement 2022

Last week’s fiscal statement, the ‘mini-Budget’ that the Government insisted wasn’t, in fact, a Budget at all, came at 9:30am on Friday 23 September and brought with it some significant, unexpected and (in some cases) controversial measures.

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The following personal announcements are covered:

  • Income Tax
  • National Insurance increase reversed
  • Dividends
  • Stamp duty
  • Universal Credit


The following business support announcements are covered:

  • Corporation tax rise cancelled
  • IR35 rules repealed
  • Low-tax investment zones
  • VAT
  • Capital investment
  • Banker bonus cap
  • Alcohol duties


The following energy support announcements are covered:

  • Energy price guarantee
  • Energy Bill Relief Scheme
  • Energy Markets Financing Scheme


Other announcements covered:

  • Research and development tax credits
  • Closing the office of Tax Simplification

Click here to read the full statement


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