I love apps and software that take the hard things in life and make them easy. And my all-time favourite app is still Receipt Bank.

Now, Receipt Bank is an accountancy app. But I love it as a business owner, not as an accountant. That’s because, more than any other app I use, Receipt Bank saves me time and makes my life easier.

So, what’s Receipt Bank all about? It takes away all the hassle of keeping your purchase invoices and typing them into your accounts (or sending them to your accountant).

If I get a receipt, I just take a photo of it and the app automatically uploads and processes it into my accounts. It looks after the VAT and the analysis. If I’m out and about and get a parking receipt, or buy a coffee, I can take the photo and then throw the receipt in the bin as I don’t need it any more.

If I get sent an email invoice, I just forward it on and, again, Receipt Bank looks after this for me. No need to print it and file it away.

And that is an extra benefit – it saves keeping paper files – the receipts and invoices are scanned and kept in the cloud. And it’s all approved by HMRC.

So, take a look at the video that tells you all about how you can use the app in your business.

We do have a partnership with Receipt Bank that allows us to give this to all of our clients as part of their accountancy service.

Even if you’re not doing your own bookkeeping, you can use it to get the info across to us and save you gathering together all those bits of paper.

If you haven’t already got Receipt Bank, let me know and we’ll sort it out for you. Just drop us an email on re*********@jo******************.uk and we’ll do the rest.