The Liverpool Entrepreneurs Club is back on 2 December and, to make things confusing, our guest speaker is from the Entrepreneurs Circle!

So, who is better – EC or EC???

This month we are pleased to be joined by Michelle Squire head of the Coaching programme at the Entrepreneurs Circle.

Michelle has worked in Marketing for the last 20 years in both Franchising and, in the last 14 years, dedicated to SME’s. As a dedicated Marketing coach for the Entrepreneurs Circle her role is to get business owners from where they are to where they want to be.

In her session on 2 December, Michelle will be sharing her “3 Quick Wins To Help You Generate More Business…….that Don’t Cost You Anything”. Michelle will give you strategies to grow your business and give you the tools to implement them immediately to help generate new leads and sales. And she’ll deliver the session in her very energetic style!

Our next session will be held online at 12.30pm on Wednesday 2 December.

The format will be:
  • Open and introduction to Entrepreneur Club a
  • Breakout rooms for randomly selected networking to allow you to meet other business owners
  • Skills session on 3 Quick Wins To Help You Generate More Business with Michelle Squire
  • Return to the group for open Q&A, AOB and close.
If you’d like to book, here’s the link.


If you can’t make the event live, we’ll post the recording on Youtube afterwards.

But it would be even better to see you there on the day!!