If staff work from home more in the future are there any tax advantages?

One of my staff is refusing to come back to work and says I have to keep them furloughed – what can I do?

How does this year compare with previous recessions? These were all questions asked on our online Entrepreneurs Club coronavirus Q&A on 8 July with investments expert Alex Barnes, HR expert Daniel Meyer Lopez, and our very own Jon Davies.

And we managed to answer these and many more in the 60 minutes! Take a look and, if there are any more you’d like answered, let us know and we’ll pick them up at a future session.

You can contact the panelists at:

Alex Barnes at AJ Barnes Financial Planning – al*********@sj**.uk

Jon Davies at Jon Davies Accountants – jo*@jo******************.uk

Daniel Meyer Lopez at HPC – dm*@hi************************.com

Watch our full video below:

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