We are back again with part 8 of our series of Pandemic Protection Plan blogs to help you survive, stabilise and strengthen during the Coronavirus crisis.

And we’re very much in the Strengthen stage now and looking at what marketing you can do now to help your business make sales today, but also more likely to build an income stream for the future.

And today I’m going to look at some of the marketing you can be doing online.

I am going to keep it simple and not too techie – it will all be stuff you can do yourself. I’m not a marketing consultant myself, but I do a lot of marketing and, if I can do it, you can too!

You can read all about these tips below, or even watch our video here.


What can I do with my website?

Let’s start with your website. If you have some spare time right now, why not have a look at your website and think what can you change on there to make it better?

Try and look at it with a new pair of eyes, and just see is it really putting across the message you want?

Is it written for the benefit of your customers and not for you? Too many websites go on and on and on about the business, but not about what benefits they give to the customers.

It’s also good on your website to show a bit of personality because people do buy people.

So go through and make it really, really clear how you could help your customers. But also get a bit of personality in there – show you and show your team. Don’t use stock photos. I mean, they probably went out of fashion 10 years ago.

Make it about you and make it real because people buy from you.

Don’t forget Google My Business!

And, if you want people to find you on Google, have you updated your Google My Business page recently? You should take a look at your profile to make it as complete as possible, but also add photos, posts and videos.

Let’s face it – it’s worth making Google happy!

Social Media is more useful than ever!

Following that is to take a look at your social media.

Again, what can you be posting on social media right now that will help generate sales in the future?

Step one is to take a look at your profiles. When’s the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile or the firm’s Facebook or Instagram profile?

Just make sure they are up to date and talk about perhaps the changed environment you’ll be selling in going forwards. If you are a travel agent, you might want to just update it and make reference to the fact that things will be very different and people would look at different types of holiday once this is over.

In a previous blog, we discussed thought leadership. Are you being seen to be a leader in your field by posting relevant, interesting content that will help people right now, and help people who may want to buy your products in the future?

There is a really, really useful book to read called “They Ask You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan. This  talks about focusing your content on the questions that people ask, and the questions they’re looking for when looking to make a purchase of what you are selling. By answering these questions, rather than just what you want to say, will get you found and also seen as a leader.

Paid Advertising

Another thing to look at right now is paid advertising. Now, you may in the past have tried either Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.

Google AdWords are based on people searching or Googling for a term. For example, if you’re an architect in Liverpool, it might be “Liverpool architects” so that if somebody searches that phrase your adverts comes up at the top of the screen.

Now it’s a really good time to be doing this for your business, because you’ll find that, because less people are advertising, these Google ads have never been as cheap as they are now.

That’s also the same for Facebook adverts as well, so it’s really worth looking at those too. Facebook Ads work differently  to Google – on those, you pick what type of person you want your ad to appear in front of, because Facebook knows everything about its users – age, gender, location and, of course, what they like!

Those are some of the things you can be doing online right now to help strengthen your business and generate sales going forward.

I hope you found this useful.

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