Jon is back today with the 7th instalment in our series of Pandemic Protection Plan blogs. This series of blogs and videos is designed to help you and your business survive, stabilise and strengthen during the coronavirus crisis.

And today, we’re moving into Strengthen mode.

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How can I possibly think about strengthening?

We might not know when, but we do know that this will end. The lockdown isn’t over, but it has been eased, and there is a pathway towards getting back to normal.

And, after every recession, there’s a bounce. Restaurants and shops will reopen. People will go out and spend. The economy will bounce back.

If you’ve survived and stabilised, your business will be there to benefit from the bounce.

While on lockdown, you can make sales that bring in cash now. But it’s more about doing everything you can to secure future income that will strengthen your business.

How can I strengthen then?

I am going to look at a few of the methods you can use to market your business. I’m not pretending to be a marketing expert, but I am someone who spends a lot of time learning about marketing and keeping up with the new things out there.

Today, I’m going to go back to the theme I touched on very early on in these videos – leadership, and being seen to be a leader.

And, in this instance, thought leadership.

What is a thought leader?

One of the things you can do right now, and over the coming weeks, is be seen to be a leader in your field.

Basically, what that means is sharing your knowledge with others, and being seen to be at the forefront of your sector.

This could involve, for example, being seen as the go-to person in your industry by putting posts on social media with helpful stuff, so people recognise you as an expert, and your business as a leader in your field.

You could write blogs and articles on your website, and then share links on social media.

You can make and share videos, again talking about things that are useful for your current and potential customers, and for others.

For example, I’m an accountant and this very video is an example of me trying to show thought leadership.

What I’ve done during the past few weeks is, I’ve basically written a lot of articles and blogs about how businesses can cope with coronavirus – looking at the different financial support that is available from the Government, things to do to preserve cash flow, and also now things to do to help strengthen the business going forward.

I send these out in our email newsletter, I put blogs on our website, I’ve recorded a number of videos and posted them across YouTube and social media.

I have just come off an online Q&A that I run every fortnight with an HR adviser and investments guru.

This is all so that people start to think of me as a bit of an expert. And I hope that, on watching this you agree!

Step one of this is genuinely just to be helpful. But, of the people you may help, some of them might want a bit more help and get in touch, and perhaps even want to buy off you in the future. It might be right now, it could be a while from now.

For example, I’ve been sending out a weekly email newsletter for seven or eight years. It goes at 10:30 every Thursday morning. What we’ve found is that people sometimes might have popped up, asked me a question, come to see me for a consultation…..but then go away not needing me now. But then they get the email newsletter every week and, a number of times every year, we’ll get somebody reply to that newsletter, who I may not have seen for three, four or five years to say, “Actually Jon, now I need an accountant. And because you’ve kept in touch, because you’ve shared lots of good information, you’re the one for me”.

And that’s something to do in whatever your sector in.

How can I do that?

Even if you are in an industry that’s closed right now. For example, if you have a restaurant, you could be sharing recipes online, with tips for how people can recreate the stuff they’d eat in your restaurant at home.

If you’re in the travel industry, it might just be sharing really useful articles and blogs on the places you’ve been, and what people might think about doing for the summer holiday in 2021. Or even tips about what they can see in this country this year, when people might not want to travel abroad.

And by doing that, and keeping people interested, hopefully when it’s time for them to buy once again, they’ll come to you.

So that’s the first of my tips to Strengthen your business. I hope you found this useful.

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And I will see you very, very soon when I’ll be talking about some more ways to Strengthen your business – this time through online marketing.

I hope you found that useful.

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