Reassessing Boiler Upgrades: A Shift in HMRC’s Guidance

In a recent, significant update, HMRC has revised its previous stance on the tax treatment of replacing boilers in rental properties. This shift could affect many UK landlords, so it’s crucial to understand the details.

A Welcome Correction from HMRC

Last year, some property owners received letters from HMRC concerning their 2021/22 Self Assessment tax returns. These communications suggested that upgrading a central heating boiler to a more efficient model did not qualify as an allowable expense for property business profits calculation. However, HMRC has now backtracked on this guidance.

In a new round of correspondence, HMRC has corrected their advice, clarifying that technological upgrades, such as replacing an old boiler with a more efficient one, should indeed be considered allowable repairs. This means that the costs associated with such upgrades can be deducted when computing the taxable profits of your property business.

Understanding Repairs vs. Improvements

It’s essential for landlords to differentiate between repairs and improvements. Repairs, which restore an asset to its previous condition, count as revenue expenditure and are deductible from rental income. On the other hand, improvements enhance the asset’s value and are treated as capital expenditure.

HMRC now recognises that if a replacement item serves the same function as its predecessor but is more efficient due to technological advancements, it qualifies as a repair, not an improvement. This includes scenarios such as upgrading from single to double glazing.

What This Means for Landlords

For landlords using the cash basis of accounting—generally the default unless otherwise elected—capital expenditures can typically be deducted unless specifically excluded. Those on the accruals basis, however, can only deduct revenue expenditures, with capital improvements qualifying for relief through capital allowances.

Next Steps for Affected Landlords

If you’ve previously upgraded your boiler but didn’t claim this as a deduction, or if HMRC disallowed your claim, it’s time to revisit your tax filings. You can contact HMRC via email at re***********@hm**.uk—remember to include the necessary disclaimer regarding email communication—or call them at 03000 516640 to discuss your specific situation.

How Can Jon Davies Accountants Help?

Navigating tax adjustments and understanding the implications for your property income can be complex. At Jon Davies Accountants, we’re here to provide clear, expert advice tailored to the needs of UK entrepreneurs and small business owners. Whether you’re reconsidering past claims or planning future investments, our team is ready to help you optimise your tax position and ensure compliance.

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