Phew – I’m officially a good dad.

After two or three weeks of worry, stress and tension, I managed to get tickets this week for the Taylor Swift concert at Anfield next year. Which means I’ve avoided a Cruel Summer and my Reputation as The Man is fixed for Evermore in the eyes of my daughter, Anna, who is a huge Swiftie.

The funny thing is that the last time we saw Taylor, back in 2018 at Man City’s ground, you could actually buy tickets on the day. Whereas this time, the hype is massive and tickets are already being resold for £000s.

Taylor herself is very much into both the “music” and the “business” side of the music business. And what she has done here has a business lesson for many of us.

Firstly, she has rewarded her loyal customers by giving them something back – if you bought her Midnights album directly from her website last year, you got access to a pre-sale for concert tickets.

Not only did it reward those loyal Swifties (including me!), but it also made her more money as she cut our the middle man on the sales.

And then she has used her PR machine to build the hype and excitement around the tickets.

All the stories last year of her effectively breaking the Ticketmaster website in the States has added to people’s desperation to get tickets here. While I was buying my tickets, Ticketmaster in France had 1 million people queueing for the Paris shows and had to pause the sale. And that’s before it had even gone on sale to the general public there. Nearly 8 million people have reportedly registered for the right to buy tickets in the UK’s general sale next week, which is a ludicrous proportion of the population wanting to see one act.

The fact that Taylor has some pretty good songs obviously helps, but her team have played this brilliantly to build the excitement and make sure these shows sell out.

And there are two things here that you could use:

Offer something extra as a “thank you” to your loyal customers. You could offer exclusive perks, discounts, or early access to new products or services. By valuing and rewarding your customers, you can build long-lasting relationships and brand loyalty, which leads to them buying more from you. Taylor might say it’s Karma. Or a Love Story.
Build excitement when you have a new product or service. Just yesterday, I was told I now have access for a pre-sale to a new software I registered interest in. As it’s in Beta, they’re limiting numbers at first….which of course makes people want it more! When they do release it, I will certainly be…Ready for It.
So, enough of the poor Taylor puns – just have a think about how you could use this in your business.