What do you think of, when Friday 13th is edging closer? If you think like me and normally believe it’s bad luck, how about trying something different and focusing on something more positive?

Today is World Kindness Day. Let’s face it – it’s been a crazy year! There has never been a better time to be kind – whether that be to friends, family, even strangers in the street. A simple smile (with our eyes) or a thumbs up goes a long way in times of crisis. Everybody’s heard the phrase… always be kind. We often neglect the most important person, ourselves! 

It may feel selfish to take time out from building your business and growing your empires but why not sign yourself up to the Self-Love Club. The membership is free, and anybody can join! You may be feeling a little frustrated, a little burned out but there are always little changes we can do to be kinder to ourselves. After all, you can’t drink from an empty cup. 

We are accountants, not psychologists but here are our 5 top tips and habits to show yourself some self-love this World Kindness Day. 

Spend Time on Yourself 

Whether that’s getting lost in a good book, listening to some nostalgic music, or a podcast to inspire you. Get yourself a hobby, something that you really enjoy. Some people love to exercise, not only does it help to keep you fit and healthy, but it also releases endorphins which are great for your mental health. Even if you want to take a few hours out and lay on your sofa eating your favourite snacks and binge-watching your favourite shows. 

Keep A Journal 

Taking some time each morning to write down 3 things you appreciate about your life. Write down a list of actions for the day to empty your brain and acknowledge your achievements. Be proud of what you have achieved. 

Digital Detox 

Technology has evolved over time meaning that our diaries, cameras, and emails are all in one central place – the Smartphone. Both a blessing and a curse, we are all guilty of mindlessly scrolling through social media or checking our emails at weekends or annual leave. A Digital Detox can help to minimise the amount of unnecessary time you spend on your mobile device. If you can’t do a full day, try an hour at a time and gradually extend it. 

Time with Loved Ones 

Physically spending time with loved ones may be a little difficult at the moment with the latest restrictions, however, why not spend some time with those in your household. Arrange a games night, go for a long walk on a crisp autumn day – get yourself moving and out of the house. This time uplift you and keep your fellow household members happy too. 

Get a good night sleep 

Getting at least 6-9 hours sleep each night is vital to taking good care of yourself. Sleeping can increase your productivity and boost your immune system which means that you will be putting your best foot forward. 

If you struggle to sleep, try and take some time to improve that, take a warm bath, do some yoga exercises before bed and put any smart devices in another room to stop you getting disturbed. Lastly, we all know coffee fuels the day, but restricting your caffeine intake after 3pm has its benefits. Switching your coffee cup for a glass of water will not only keep you hydrated but it will allow you to wind down ready for a great sleep.

We are proud of our kind and supportive staff. The team is on hand to assist your business to grow and provide you with expert accountancy advice so that you can take some time out for yourself.

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