Thinking about starting up a brand new business in 2018? Stuck for ideas of what to do? has just released a list of the 14 best business ideas for 2018. They listed 17 ideas in 2017 and 16 in 2016, so have obviously realised it was getting too much like hard work and cut back before 2099!!

Anyway, here’s a summary of this year’s top ideas:

  1. 90s nostalgia – we’re far too young to remember the 90s, but we hear the fashion, makeup, retro games consoles and scrunchies are making a comeback. And even cassettes!
  2. Teenaiders – it’s hard being a teenager in a digital world. A business that gets them away from a screen, or one that helps with anxieties, is providing a great help
  3. Blue algae – move over kale and goji berries, algae is the new superfood…and it’s a better colour for your Facebook posts
  4. Generation Rent – from ranking tenants/landlords to apps that split the household bills, businesses are spotting the opportunities as more and more people rent rather than buy
  5. Inclusive Beauty – products that celebrate diversity. They can even make accountants attractive.
  6. Alexa skills – Amazon’s Alexa is conquering the world, so find a skill you can add
  7. Premium Mixers – high-end soft drinks and tonics. As one of our clients, Pickled Olive, explained to us – you don’t want to drink a £50 per bottle gin and spoil it with a cheap tonic.
  8. Care home developer – combine profit with a social purpose
  9. Boxing – it’s never been more popular. And Ellie Goulding & Gigi Hadid are showing that it’s a good workout for women too.
  10. Women’s health tech – Femtech is providing apps that cover every aspect of women’s health
  11. Muslim lifestyle economy – with over 3 million Muslims in the UK, there’s a huge market for fashion, retail and halal restaurants
  12. Late night food – not just a post-pint kebab, changing lifestyles mean more and more people are having a “fourth meal”. It can be a full meal or a tasty snack. Or some blue algae for double points!
  13. Internet of Things security – with your car and your kettle now online, you need to stay safe from hackers stealing your car or (even worse) making you a lukewarm cup of tea
  14. Lagom – the Danes and their hygge are soooo 2017. Here come the Swedes with Lagom. It means “not too little, not too much”. IKEA have jumped aboard.

You can read the full details on all 14 ideas over at Startups here.

Now, you may want to use one of these ideas, but you might be better using a tried and trusted formula. Or, you could get ahead of the game and come up with something totally new.

Either way, you should make sure you get some great advice and a cracking accountant. That way, you’ll make it to 2019 and beyond!