This week, our Youtube channel has passed 100,000 views. Now, we’re not exactly Baby Shark, but that’s not bad for an accountant….even if 99,000 of the views were from my mum.

The idea of our channel was to answer the questions we get asked most often by clients. If you’re asking us, surely someone else wants to know as well.

So, what are the most viewed videos on our channel? In reverse order, here are the Top 10:

10. What is the Most Tax-Efficient Salary in 2018/19? – a bit out-of-date but the principles still hold

9. What financial support is available for the Self-Employed during the Coronavirus crisis? – we did get a lot of views as COVID kicked off

8. What are the most common errors on VAT Returns? – avoid these at all costs!

7. What expenses can I claim VAT on? – claim back all you can

6. What financial support is available to your Limited Company during the Coronavirus crisis? – released the same day as No. 9 when Rishi first announced grants and furlough

5. What are Management Accounts? – they’re a way of having complete control and understanding of your business

4. How do I open a Business Bank Account? – it might sound simple, but it’s a question that a lot of people are asking

3. How much does a good accountant cost? – most accountants don’t list their prices, so it’s hard to compare or know what to pay. We also have a video with JDA’s prices explained. [Not that we’re not a “good accountant” ourselves!!]

2. Does a Limited Company Director need to file a tax return? – not all Directors need to file a tax return

And (drum roll, please), at Number One, we have:

1. What accounts do I need to file for my Limited Company? – Over 17,000 people have watched this.

So, those are our Top 10. Take a look, and we’ll soon be at 1 million views.

But, what lesson can you learn for your business? The key thing is that people are constantly searching for questions that you might think are “simple”. But those people then watch your other videos, and some of them realise they need help…..and get in touch to become a paying client.

The benefits for us of having the channel have included:

  • We have ready-made answers for lots of queries
  • It raises our profile and brings people through to our website
  • Some of the viewers have become clients

So, could you do something similar for your business? Brainstorm your most commonly asked queries and get going. We do have most of our videos professionally made these days, but some of the Top 10 were simply filmed using the webcam on my laptop during lockdown – the content is more important than the technology.

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Any questions?

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