Rubbish. A disgrace. The biggest disappointment ever.

Absolutely fantastic. Fabulous. Incredible.

The first three comments were about last year’s Bonfire Night display on the River Mersey. The second three were about this year’s. What a difference a year can make.

Last year was the first time the fireworks were moved from the parks around the city to the Mersey, and a lot of people did not enjoy it one little bit.

I’ll admit, we didn’t go last year. Given what we’d heard, we weren’t really sure about going this year. However, when you’ve got an eight-year-old who’s just desperate to see some fireworks and keeps begging to go, how could we not give in? So, along we went. And, do you know what? It was brilliant.

The big difference was that the organisers took on board the complaints from last year’s attendees and actually did something about them. For example, last year a lot of people complained that the fireworks were too far away and there was no music. So, this year they moved the fireworks closer and they added music.

It’s simple when you think about it, but how many of us do that in our own businesses? Do you?

How often do you ask your customers what they think of what you’re doing? How often do you ask for reviews? And not just to pat yourself on the back when you get a good one, but take onboard any negative ones and do something about it.

Because it’s something that all of us could be doing better. All of us should be more in touch with our customers and clients to see what they want and how we can give it to them.

When’s the last time you did send a survey out to your clients or ask them how you’re doing?

I’m conscious that we need to do more of this, so we’re just bringing in a new review system – you can leave a review here

And we will be sending out surveys in the near future.

Hopefully we can learn from the comments and provide a better service to all of our clients……just like Liverpool City Council did with the fireworks.

So, that’s this week’s tip. I hope you found it useful.

And my eight-year-old’s verdict on the fireworks this year? They were “total dead boss”.

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