Just a very quick reminder that Wednesday 10 June is a very, very important date if you are currently furloughing any staff, or you intend to furlough any in the future.

And that includes furloughing yourself.

It’s a very important date because, from 1 July you can only furlough someone who has already been furloughed for at least three weeks up to 30 June.

If you work backwards, their first day off must be 10 June or earlier, because that gives you 21 days. And it’s that kind of calculation that makes me a very good accountant.

I’ve been asked a few times whether somebody who is going to be furloughed in July must be furloughed at 30 June. That’s not the case – at the moment you can rotate people on furlough, ie they can be off for three weeks, come back to work for a bit, and then be furloughed again. Therefore, they don’t have to be off on 30 June itself.

There will be new guidance released on Friday 12 June, but nothing we’ve seen to date suggests any change to that.

Maximum number of furloughed staff

However, one very important thing that will happen from 1 July is there will be a maximum number of staff allowed in each furlough claim.

That maximum will be set at the largest number you included in any single claim prior to 30 June.

For example, if the maximum amount of staff you had furloughed in any one claim prior to 30 June was 10 people, you’ll not be able to furlough 11 staff in the future.

Part-time furlough

From 1 July, you’ll be able to furlough staff part-time.

You will need to think about this when thinking about the maximum number of staff you can furlough.

For example, if you currently have 2 staff – 1 furloughed and 1 working. You won’t be able to furlough both for 50% of the time in the future as it will be break the rule on maximum numbers.

Anything else?

So that’s why 10 June is a very, very important date.

Of course, another reason it’s very important date, is that it’s the next edition of our Entrepreneur’s Club online Q&A at 3.30pm.

Once again, I’ll be joined by HR expert, Victoria Brown, and Investments guru, Alex Barnes.

I’m sure we’ll be getting asked a lot of Q’s about the furlough…..and we’ll provide the A’s.

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