You may need to submit a self-assessment tax return if you have self-employed earnings, income from property or untaxed income such as tips or commission. In this month’s Active Practice we will cover the rules of self-assessment and how you go about submitting a self assessment tax return. This guide includes:

–        What is self-assessment and are you included?

–        What do you need to do?

  • Registering
  • Completing your self assessment tax return
  • Paying your bill

–        What are the penalties if it’s late?

–        Common problems

  • Missing out on tax relief
  • Not declaring all your income
  • Late or inaccurate filing
  • Deadlines


If you would like any further information, or any help in filing your personal tax return, please get in touch, but first take a read of this month’s Active Practice to find out more. You can download it here:

JDA – Active Practice – 2018-12 – SATR

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