I won’t deny it, Jon and I are avid Marcus Sheridan fans! After reading his book ‘They Ask You Answer’, I was feeling quite starstruck seeing Marcus live at GKCC 2022. Marcus works very closely with the Entrepreneurs Circle, therefore I was lucky enough to take part in a webinar of his a couple of days ago.

In his webinar, Marcus discussed the following topics and shared his wisdom:

  • Brand Awareness through Video
  • Assignment Selling
  • Becoming a leader in your space
  • Artificial Intelligence


Short and Long Form Video

In his webinar, Marcus discussed how short form video is the best way to create brand awareness in 2023. These videos don’t necessarily have to be professional. Universal videos recorded on your phone are great as they can be used on different platforms such as YouTube Shorts or Facebook Reels. By using short form videos, you can create awareness and hold the attention span of your target audience, followed up by a long form video, when prospects are at the end of the buying cycle and close to spending.

Consumers enjoy quick videos but will also watch long videos on subjects they are interested in, or the product they are interested in purchasing. Linking back to his book ‘They Ask You Answer’, Marcus defines the importance of answering the questions your prospective customers may have. Show the rest of the world the things that may be obvious to you.

Top Tips when generating videos.

Marcus discussed how important it is to be authentic in your videos. If you are not your natural and authentic self, people will not trust you, and therefore, will not purchase from you. It is also important to understand that your video does not have to be perfect. In the words of Marcus ‘scripts are of the devil’. If you make a mistake when recording, don’t just restart, carry on until the end of the video. This way you can identify what has worked and hasn’t worked as a whole. You are a subject matter expert, so become comfortable with the camera.


In the Q&A section of the webinar, Marcus advised that each page on your site should have at least one video, maximum of two. More than two videos can become overwhelming, and prospects may lose interest.  For example, the landing page on your website should have a video demonstrating what will happen when you fill out the questionnaire, and your pricing page should have a cost breakdown video, defining value.

Pricing Videos

When producing a pricing video, it is important to be completely transparent. Discussing what drives prices up and down in the industry and what value looks like in your chosen market should take up at least 80% of your video. Spend only the other 20% defining where you fall in the market and the value you can offer.  Don’t be afraid to send your prospects in a different direction. Being more concerned with the education of your prospects than securing a sale, will build a trusting relationship and encourage the prospect to actually want to give you their money! This is a psychological factor that Marcus believes is highly effective.


Don’t fear the competition!

Marcus discussed the importance of having an ‘abundance mentality’. Don’t be reactive and base your decisions on fear of the competition, be a leader in your space. Thought leaders win because they are willing to talk about the things that others won’t. Be the one to set the direction and compete with the 5% who are willing to talk about the things that others won’t.


Assignment Selling

Assignment Selling is a marketing strategy used by many successful businesses to initially educate prospects before they have a meeting. This is done in ways such as through sending a prospect videos or information to watch or read before they meet. Marcus believes that there are three simple steps to effective assignment selling:

  1. Define what the assignment is.
  2. Explain why you are asking your prospective client to do this and what the benefits will be to them.
  3. Ask them will they take the time to do this.

Advise the prospect that you are going to send them some information across, explain what you are sending over and the value this will bring to them, and show them how they can avoid making mistakes. By sending across this information to prospects pre-meeting, you will not only save time, but you will also be able to spend less time educating and more time selling.

It is important that the prospect agrees to take the time to study the information you have sent over. By having small verbal contracts early on in the buying cycle, you are more likely to get them to sign larger contracts further down the cycle. Most prospects will ask you the same questions, therefore by having one long video explaining these FAQ’s, you are saving time and helping people to identify what they need.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a controversial topic at the moment with tools such as Chat GBT having the ability to do so much, and essentially take over people’s jobs! Despite personal preference, Marcus discussed how AI is the future, whether we like it or not! As discussed earlier, it is important to be a leader in your space. Don’t allow personal opinions to screw up smart business decisions. Use artificial intelligence to your advantage, but don’t let it take away your authenticity.

When using Chat GBT or other similar tools to write copy, it is important to still keep your content personal to you and your business. You should definitely be writing the opening paragraphs  on your content, talking about you and your company to keep things authentic. People connect with people and personal experiences, so ensure that you are telling stories that prospective clients can relate to. Donald Miller discusses this concept in more detail in his book ‘Story Brands’.

Despite all of his useful tips and tricks delivered in his recent webinar, I still believe that ‘They Ask You Answer’ is the pinnacle of Marcus’ wisdom and is definitely a book that should be read by all business owners, looking to enhance their marketing strategies.

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