We’re looking forward to meeting you

We’re looking forward to meeting you

Here’s some useful information before we meet!

Hi – it’s Jon here and I just want to say thank you for arranging a meeting with us.

I’m looking forward to speaking to you and learning all about you and your business.

And that’s the most important part of the meeting – learning all about you so I can see if we can help you with your accounts and tax.

Therefore, I thought it would be handy to send you this video to explain a few things to you now and save time in the meeting itself so we can use that time to talk about you and your requirements.

Firstly, I’ll tell you a bit about Jon Davies Accountants.

Secondly, I’ll explain about the process between now and the meeting.

And, finally, I’ll explain what to expect when we do meet.

What should you know about Jon Davies Accountants?

I’m sure you’ve already done some research, but I’ll briefly tell you in my own words. I’ve been an accountant now for a long, long time – I qualified as a Chartered Accountant back in 1998. I’ve worked for global firms as well as small firms working with owner-managed businesses. Indeed I co-owned a small firm for 6 years before heading out on my own.

Jon Davies Accountants was born because I felt that business owners deserve more from their accountant than just a set of accounts and a tax return to keep you legally compliant. Of course we can do that…..and we’re very good at it. We have lots of qualifications to prove it!

But I wanted this firm to offer much more in terms of giving genuine advice.

Advice to reduce your tax bill. Advice to grow your business. Advice to help you reach your business and personal goals.

That’s what sets us apart and does make us different from most other accountants out there.

What also makes us different is that we don’t just take on any client of any shape and size – we’re genuinely picky about who we work with.

We work with business owners who have ambition. We work with business owners who are on a journey to take their business to a better place. And that’s where we can add value and help you get there.

Our website says we’re like a Non-Executive Director for your business. And that’s how we want you to think of us.  We’ll be right there alongside you whenever you need us.

What will happen between now and the meeting?

We will send you a few things so you get to know a bit more about us…..and so that we can spend the meeting finding out all about you.

When we do meet, we’ll ask about your business, your goals, and what you want from an accountant. We won’t sell to you – we’ll see if we can help.

If we can help, we’ll put together a proposal with you in the meeting, letting you pick the options you want. Therefore, it is important that any key decision makers are there.

You won’t be under any pressure to sign up there and then, but you will have the option to do so if you do want to get cracking straight away.

We’ll send you the proposal immediately and you can read over it again after the meeting to decide whether we’re a good fit for you. I really hope we are.

Thanks again for arranging the meeting with us. I look forward to meeting you.

Any questions?

If you have any questions before the meeting, please give us a ring on 0151 665 0900 or drop us an email at support@jondaviesaccountants.co.uk.