HMRC have wrecked our blog this week. We were going to share a last reminder about the tax return deadline and the fines. Perhaps even a sprinkling of humour with some funny excuses….but they’ve only gone and extended the deadline until 28 February.

Strictly speaking, the deadline hasn’t moved, but there will be no fines for late submission if you submit by 28 February, ie you’ll avoid the £100 fine. However, there will be interest charged on any tax due if it is paid after 31 January.

Anyway, in a hasty change of plans, we’re going to share our year-end tax guide with lots of tips to cut your tax bill prior to the 5 April 2021 end of the next tax year. This will reduce your tax due on 31 January 2022.

Our handy year-end guide rounds up the best ways to cut your tax bill by taking action before 5 April. And before the Government changes all the rules in the March Budget!!

You can download our Year End Tax Guide 2020/21 here –

Our guide includes:

  • Are there opportunities to utilise any unused personal tax allowances this tax year?
  • If you don’t already have an ISA, should you start one this tax year?
  • Should you increase your pension contributions?
  • What staff benefits can cut your tax bill?
  • What’s going on with VAT in 2021?
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