Christmas has been and gone, which surely means it’s time to start talking about the next calendar event. Pancake day is here, and the team are ‘flipping’ ecstatic!

We love pancakes, but doesn’t everybody?

Whether you eat yours savoury or sweet, it’s a conversation that will be happening across the nation today.

Much like people, pancakes come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Some people opt for a traditional pancake, whilst others prefer the fluffy American style pancakes. There is something for everybody!

We asked the team what flavours they will be whipping up this pancake day. Here’s what they said.

Charlie- My favourite is strawberries and ice cream and lots of sugar. No good when you are meant to be watching your waistline!

Billie – I loooove the plain original ones with sugar and lemon.

Amy – Lemon and sugar, always. I do love a crepe!

Kieran – I like mine smothered in Nutella.

Louise – Sugar and lemon for me.

Claire – Lemon and sugar.

Jon – Unpopular opinion, but I don’t really like them! If I were forced to have one, I’d go for the traditional sugar and lemon.

Sarah – I like proper pancakes with blueberries and honey. Mmmmm.

The results are in – the winner is sugar and lemon! Sometimes, the simplest of things really are the best. [And Louise says that’s why she likes Jon!]

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